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PWC34910-108 Pratt & Whitney Approved Portable Videoscope Kit, Feat. PVRS2 2-Way Articulating Videoscope

Our most affordable option for meeting those PT6 Inspection Certifications–a 2-way articulating PVRS2 Model Videoscope.


PWC34910-108 Pratty & Whitney Approved Videoscope Kit Featuring our PV2 Portable Videoscope:

  • 4mm Diameter Camera Lens, 1.5m length probe
  • 2-way articulation (left & right) up to 150°- 180° flexibility in both directions allow multiple viewing angles.
  • Jobs that require long periods of inspection are no problem, this borescope will operate up to 8hrs on a fully charged battery.
  • A 360° rotating monitor is an ergonomic feature that keeps the technician from losing sight of the monitor while rotating the scope.
  • The 5” HD, LED screen gives the viewer a crisp, sharp, image every time.
  • Tungsten sheathing prevents probe fraying, which was common to stainless steel probes of the past.
  • Pratt & Whitney PT6 Certified!
  • Non-Incendiary Certifications available at additional cost.


Kit Includes…

  • PVRS2 2-way articulating Portable Videoscope
  • 1 PWC34910-200/400/600 Curved Guide Tube for PT6 Engines
    (Please specify which is needed at checkout)
  • 1 Straight Insertion Tube Set
  • SD Card for Video/Image Capture Storage & USB Adaptor
  • Standard US 110 US Wall Plug for Charging Videoscope Battery
  • Standard Storage Case


Probe cable length: 1.5 M
Camera lens diameter: 4.0mm
Sensor size: 1/13″ CMOS VGA
Color sensor pixels: 460,000
Camera length: 20mm
View angle: 120° — 150°
Depth of field: 10mm –200mm / 20mm — infinity
Light source: 6 LED lights
Monitor: 5.0″ TFT LED
SD card: 8GB (Max : 32G)
Video format: MPEG4
Picture format: JPEG
Video recording format: ASF
Video output: AV
Languages: English, Spanish, Italy, Germany & More (12 languages) .
Zoom function: 3 times
Picture/video: return function support
Oil/Waterproof: standard IP67
Battery Charging Li-battery 3.7V (8 Hour Life Cycle per charge)