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Karl Storz Mobile MoVeo Videoscope

MoVeo is a portable videoscope system that features an integrated 5″ LCD screen, a high-power LED light source as well as lithium ion battery technology and functional software. The MoVeo allows both mains and battery operation in a stationary area or mobile use in applications such as, for example, aerospace, power generation or wind energy. Its 4-way deflection and the precise angulation of the sheath up to +/- 150° ensure reliable and effective visual inspection.

Special Features:

  • optimal mobility and flexibility
  • integrated display, LED light source, Battery and intuitive operation software
  • multi-functional case solution


  • Integrated 5″ TFT LCD Monitor
  • 4-way Articulation, ~150 Degrees
  • 4.0mm Outer Diameter -or- 6mm Outer Diameter
  • Up to 6m Working Length
  • Integrated LED Lightsource with 25,000 hours Service Life
  • Tungsten Sheathing
  • Interchangeable lens with Integrated Safety Thread
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery up to 3 hours for mobility
  • Video Recording & Image Capture, with or without Text Annotation
  • Additional lens tips available for 90 degree, near or far focal ranges
    (Please specify upon order or quote request)


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